Wednesday, August 23, 2006

'Great Job Done!' pat

'GREAT JOB DONE!!' is something that I like to tell my people even when the going is not too great. Yes, it sometimes sounds downright funny but telling ' I love you' to your mate is also funny most of the time. If the lover gets this big compliment without doing much most of the time, then why would I refrain from complimenting my colleagues during tough times. Actually, it is something that we do not do even when our lives depend on it. Complimenting does not come easily to humans. Notice dogs, they are grateful for small gestures that we do towards them. Humans need these gestures far more often than dogs!!

KK manages facilities at our workplace. KK comes from MP and is a MSc in Botany. KK deserves more recognition than he gets as he is from a semi-rural background and he has made it to some extent in the rat race. But he is the butt of all jokes in the office. I compliment him more than the others, but he has not been able to be completely self confident and even after doing a good day's work does not feel good about himself. There are a million KKs in this country who deserve better gestures than they recieve at work, work that is not so much in the eye but needs to be done by someone and properly at that.

I live for the KKs. I strive to get them their place in the sun. In fact, I like the low profiles as they consistently deliver more for each buck!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

EQ for life bettered!!

I am back to blogging again. I desisted from clobbering my keyboard all these months as I felt that I had nothing to contribute to the blogosphere. I plodded my way through life and tried to give my self esteem a new high by succeeding at work. A job change on the way did its best to get things right for me. Ah!! looks like I am succeeding at last at what I thought what was only for dreams.

Actually, I am running an organization that I had decided should not be run by typical management rules and by the book. I decided that I had to invest in my EQ (Emotional Quotient) to get things done here as I am now heading a very young group of boys and girls who can move earth with the right pats and gurgles. I explained to everyone in the team that work is fun and life needs to be full of fun. The only serious fun was the bottomlines at the end of the month and that would be absolutely right if the fun quotient at work was in place. Fun has been a major contributor to EQ through the ages and I am seeing these aspects being taken up by HR managers all over India in some format or the other.

Coming from the staid old Hotel Industry with a stiff upper lip, it was difficult for me to do this in the beginning. I had never related fun with work. The advent of the sunrise industries in India like the IT, ITES and Entertainment Industries in India rapidly changed my beliefs and psyche. Here I was with all the experience in guiding Hospitality companies to profits and I did not even have the first idea as to how I could start to provide a better life to my colleagues.

Quite a daunting thought it was! I joined a leading corporate in Eastern India headquartered in Kolkata last year to try out my ideas and see whether they were workable. Of course, Indian corporates still do have a bureaucracy that is difficult to tackle. I also had my difficult times during the whole of last year but my colleagues had begun to understand what I was babbling about. The teams started to appreciate what was being done. The winds of change was on the anvil.

Then, I had an opportunity to join this new upstart Leisure company in Pune and head its Operations and marketing. Bingo! I had the field to myself and I let go of my IQ and selected my teams on the basis of EQ. During the first month with them on board, I told stories, shared experiences, gave in to their silly demands, made nice friends, talked visions, understood their views, listened to each and every member for all his worth. Today, they are pulling off one of the most amazing success I have seen in my entire work life and I did not have to do much except exhort them to prove themselves.

I now truly believe that man searches for recognition and esteem. When provided a medium, he is bound to succeed beyond his dreams.

I know now that we do need management mumbo jumbo to succeed all the while. Old fashioned hand holding is as or more great!!!!