Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Chillax the mind!!

Am I very idealistic when I call for the right kind of efforts at the right time and preferably every time from people?

I see Kiran (my wife) at her workplace, not obsessed with all the above but yet getting the right kind of responses from her people effortlessly, is that because she is of the fairer sex. Her being my wife, I can safely say that the sex does not matter. Actually, it never matters at all in any situation.

It is all about how much control we are able to achieve between our mind space and our environment, people and controlling factors.

I, after seeing my wife, have started to learn these small nuances of enjoying what I do without being obsessive. She calls me senile for what I am and that is a term I do not want linked to myself.

So, I am trying the path of Chillax!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Movies - 2006

Friends, it was a great year for Indian movies. Movies did well at the box office and there were some gems. I would like to put them up here as I feel is best.

Dor – This is for the thought process of the director. The sweep of the film truly left me a little breathless. Nagesh has not worked with a rural canvas (a little of Iqbal notwithstanding) before. But the modern sensibility of the hinterland woman was exceptionally brought to screen. Bravo!
Omkara – A story needs to be told only in this manner. Gripping, with all the right colours, props and dialogues in place. The acting was of a high grade and there was no compromise on sensibility. Shakespeare himself would have been really impressed. Note the first scene, Saif and Dobriyal; and the climax, fitting props to great story telling!!
Khosla ka Ghosla – Boman, Boman and Boman!!! Just Amazing with Pravin Dabas and Ranveer Sheroy throwing in their weight too!
Lago Raho… - Just for the Chutzpah of the lead pair and the funky storyline, all the crowds that day in the plex came out with a smile!! That says a lot for Hirani’s scrpt and direction!
Gangster – Shiny’s restraint in some scenes were just superb. Anurag is a nice director and actually it was hard to find fault in the movie. Pritam put up some great numbers…typical Bollywood but good!!
Rang de… - Caps off the list….great team…wonderful camera work. The lead team were suited to the roles like purring Rolls in motion. Surprises – Siddharth Narayan – this man is sure to go places…and Sharman Joshi, if he handles his career well, he could do a great deal of nice work!
That’s it…yeah..I could have added Krissh, Pyar ke side effects, Taxi No. 9211, etc. but this was a good list..I feel so!