Thursday, September 22, 2005

Conquering Laziness

Is laziness a state of mind?? I don't have an answer to this question. But, I have been trying to tell my mind that being lazy is something that bloody brain tells me to be, otherwise I am perfectly able to complete mundane tasks such as getting up at 5.30 AM in the morning, doing my exercises, doing up the house, take my daughter to the school bus stop, doing the washing, getting to office in time, finishing my In tray, getting all those Communications done, making my action plans for the teams to follow up on, getting meeting over with and follow up...... phew!!

I do not manage to do even half of these successfully. Pretty much to do with my limbs and their inertia?! Did Dale Carnegie ever write something on How to influence your mind and limbs....or Darwin do something on Surviving being lazy!!!

Just this morning the missus told me to do the dishes as she was running late and I had to grope through the dense fog in my brain, at last managed to keep the newspaper down to get up and do the dishes. Just a question here;why is it so difficult to keep the newspaper down?

Why am I not able to move myself away from even a India - Zimbabwe cricket match, where only I seem to be bothered about the outcome other than those sundry bookies in Mumbai and Delhi? It is appalling the way I sit in front of the living room TV with the smelly feet, dishevelled hair, grimy shirt(blame it on Kolkata's smog) and my shoes beside me like a long lost pet. But I cannot take myself away from the TV for a minute. I don't enjoy soaps, so my missus saves a potentially crazed situation by wrenching the Remote out of my hands for her favorite 9 PM show. I immediately conquer all my laziness to go and change. I fear her more than God. God is not around, she is!!

Laziness in all encompassing, it is aawesome, has great strength as I am 73 kgs in all and I never seem to get up in time to do things or do that much needed exercise!! Keeps me down, you see...

I have entered that phase in life where I have to choose between a dynamic, organised and healthy/wealthy life with doting wife and a beautiful daughter or my slovenly, pessimistic, bone creaker, short tempered, droopy eyed life. I am trying to be the former but the latter is playing kabbadi with me!!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

'chocolate' Huh!!

I saw a movie named 'Chocolate' yesterday. It had a curious blend of Hitchcockian suspense (highly inspired), John Woo action and typical Hindi filmi dialogues. Already, guys must be thinking as to what this pot pourri could mean!!
That is the whole problem....the movie was all up in knots till the intermission. It did itself a lot of justice by the end. The concept was fine but the scrpting was loose. So, the movie dragged a bit and I, for one, was tired of all the boobs and legs by the end of the movie.
Performances were uniform and no surprises here. I thought Anil Kapoor and Irrfan did a competent job.
But the girls continue to disappoint. I am yet to see a breakthrough performance this year, except Shweta Prasad's performance in Iqbal.
But 'wow' the 'sex' word was quite ....EXPLICIT.

umm....Indian movies coming of age (18)!!??

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Did not know the truth!!

Today is another special day. I have achieved a lot at office today. Actually Saturdays are good for achievements. The office tends to be laidback and so I have time to sit back and think as to what can be done and actually plan this day effectively.

Usually it does not happen and we are frantically running from appointment to the other. Endless cups of coffee and zit zero achievements.

Met a guy today who happens to lead a corporation. Actually, I was introduced to him before too. He did not give his background then and I neglected to ask. The mutual introducer had mumbled something that had not been very captivating. Came to know the specifics today and am very impressed with his achievements.

Indians are suddenly achieving a lot at very young ages. My brother, Sheel, is now a Training Head of DELL INDIA at 31. A few years ago this was unthinkable. I am getting to know more youngsters who have done brilliantly for themselves at similar ages. Again, this goes on to prove that India is a young nation and has done immensely well.

Wish Nation builders keep a track of this greatest resource on earth - Man...Uranium, Oil etc.. can come much later.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Dear Departed !

My bro in law's father passed away today. He was a strong willed man who lost his will to live and enjoy after he took VRS from his government job.

I feel some people live for their career and when they are compelled to give that up retreat into a shell that consumes their positive energy for life. PEOPLE ALL AROUND US WHO ARE SO VERY MUCH INTO THEIR CAREERs, CAN DO WELL TO STOP FOR A MINUTE, THINK ABOUT THIS INEVITABLE!!

This is not to say that we should not chase our success in careers. In fact, that should still be the drive in life but there is life after that too!!

I am moving residence today and may have to shuttle between the old house, the new one and the cremation ground.

Life starts, stops, ebbs, tides over......

uh...huh...let's get positive!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Movies - 2005

I saw ‘Iqbal’ the movie a few days back. The movie is quite laudable. It had a decent crowd too. By now, avid movie goers would know that this movie has been one of the best to come out this year – I also liked what was done on disability in ‘Black’ too. That too came this year.

So, are we amidst a reorientation of audience tastes or just that film makers are getting bolder?

There are a lot of instances that has kept ‘Iqbal’ fresh in my mind. The scene where ‘Iqbal’ – Shreyas Talpade gives permission to his sister, Shweta Prasad, to take a present from his Aunt. Then, the scene where Naseer apologizes to Shweta after having a little of the booze in the toilet. The scene where Naseer has a go at Girish Karnad’s Guruji character. Truly priceless!

I was enamored by Nagesh Kukunoor’s work before too. ‘Teen Deewarien’ was just fabulous. Unseen by many but unforgettable to people like me who had seen it.

I have had the pleasure of seeing some good scenes in a few movies this year. I shall put them here. I don’t know if they shall match other minds.
1. Pankaj Kapoor’s last scene in Sehar, very real and restrained, he played that single scene masterly and brought a taut movie to a dignified end.
2. Abhishek Bacchan’s Bunty having a meek argument with Rani’s Babli in the train after they are caught. Very endearing!!
3. Amitabh’s first scene with the little Ayesha in ‘Black’. Truly a work of art and restraint!!
4. Amitabh in that ‘Monkey cap’ scene with Sharmila Tagore in ‘Viruddh’. Actually, this movie was well directed in patches. This was one of those patches.
5. Kay Kay Menon in the ‘lusty eyed’ scene in Sarkar. He is a wonderful actor. The industry is slowly but surely realizing it.
6. Shiney Ahuja in many scenes of ‘Hazaron Khwaieshein aisi’. He is sure to go places.
7. Boman Irani in the restaurant scene eating Biryani and fudging a discussion about the Biryani and a murder that happens in ‘My Wife’s Murder’. Here is another hugely gifted actor getting roles that make a grand reputation.
8. Anil Kapoor in the same movie as the silent but intelligent film editor. Here, the dialogues were less but subtle body language helped giving credence to his character’s desperation. I do think Anil pulled it off.
9. Shernaz Patel in the passing out ceremony in ‘Black’. Not many ladies do make the grade in my list this year (not even Rani in this movie). But Shernaz did communicate the pride effortlessly. This was an amazing piece of casting more than anything else.

Aww….I cannot think of other memorable moments.