Saturday, November 15, 2008

So, no Age of Shiva!!

The criminal that is man,
Never blames himself at all,
Others pay for what he does,
Pray for what he destroys.

Is it the Age of Shiva?

Investment Bankers ruled us,
then fell like a pack of cards,
So all spoke of Global meltdown,
and the Bankers partied!

Is it the age of Shiva?

Is it a Cascade effect?
Is the market telling us to stop,
If so, then my milkman does not know,
As he still asks and gets his dough.

Is it really the age of Shiva?

My Ma feeds me an Orange juice,
her beta must keep well,
for there is a lot of work at hand,
and he better have a healthy look!

Is there an age of Shiva?

What goes must come back,
The Laws of motion, they say,
do your best, Gita espouses,
Is Life all that difficult?

And so will there ever be an age of Shiva?

Hold on, easy, as Jeeves says,
Paste a smile on your face,
and work like hell,
For nothing comes easy.

Maybe that Shiva bit...

But will actually come,
Happiness that eludes now,
As rationality would prevail,
Making the world a better place!

So, no Age of Shiva!!