Saturday, October 06, 2007

Johnny Gaddar - GR8!!

I was never interested in the typical 70s thriller genre of Hindi movies.
PFC kept telling us that Johnny Gaddar was one hell of a movie and that one
should miss it, whensoever it comes to the neighbourhood multiplex..fair
I waited, read about how Sriram Raghavan (the guy who made the film
yaar..)had been sitting with the script for a long while before Adlabs got
interested in making the movie. Of course, Sriram had Ek Hasina Thi to back
his script. But well, you know how it goes at the movies..Even Vikram Bhatt
started with an original movie..look where he went!!
Then, the day arrived and I went to see JG..not many people in the hall..we
were just two of us..the movie started. The 70's style titles and montage
went by and someone was killed!! Oh yeah!..Sriram had me by the hook then
on..I won't give away the plotline, save your foul breath, guys!!
But..but..I was amazed by the dexterity of the director. Every scene was
economical, stood out for itself, perfect shot compositions, yummy teasers,
fabulous silences, textured lighting moods, grand soundtrack for back up,
kick ass dialogues.."Pure Non Vegetarian"..goes Kalyan (Govind Namdeo in a
whammo cameo), terrific sets (Neil's home is just too very cool). All in
all, I could see that here was one director who took the best short cut to a
good movie..A VERY TIGHT SCRIPT..Cool!
If this is the way Indian movies are to go, then boy..I'm relishing it!!!!
Neil Mukesh is the find of the movie. Again, economy in presentation of his
character worked. I hear he has a good friend in a lad named Hrithik Roshan.
That's another actor who has an ample amount of screen presence. Zakir
Hussain is class and Vinay Pathak just leaves me speechless with each turn
out of his. "Jab kissi ki kismat itni saath de rahi ho to usse ungli nahin
karte!!"...Waah!! Dharam paaji was decent and Riimii was OK. Another
surprise was Ashwini as Vinay's wife in the movie. She played the hyper wife
a la Shefali Shah in SATYA to perfection.
My Idea of a good day out is something like Johnny Gaddar from now on!!

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