Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sixty Days Up!

Yes..I have finished sixty days in my new organization..all very nice and rosy even now..I have my fingers should be like this all the way..I love my assignment..that's saying a I was this cynical Bong all my life..measuring what is at the other end of the rainbow all the while.

Major pluses till now -

1. A veritable parade of talent at work everyday. Whoa! never seen such brilliant people in one collection before this. Sometimes, I just have to shut my trap and listen to them speak, interact or think aloud!!(tough, that for a true blue Bong!!)
2. Lots of good work to do. I itch to get to office everyday..hope this goes on and many decisions to make..process contributions to make or even be in steering sessions that shape up developments as they happen..Man, it reminds me of my cheffing days when a Biryani or a kebab used to get creatively done through painstaking mis en place!
3. Finance, a subject I had blissfully ignored during Operations, is my area of work and I am having to hear my brains creaking into place even to understand basic things..hopefully, It shall get better as I plod along??!!
4. My belief, that no plot of land is bad and no location is great or awful is now being strengthened. I am working with two not so great locations knowing fully well that what I shall put into them shall make the location a "Great Destination"!

This is one Big Opportunity and I am humbled by what I see everyday! India's largest REIT..That's cool!!

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