Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009..Here we go

2008 was bad for India and for the world at large. For me it was a nice year. I switched from my Job in Pune in early Feb. In fact, I recieved the offer while I was in Kolkata celebrating my cousin sister's marriage in Jan.
My in laws visited us in Feb. They did have a nice time in Pune. I spent my last few days in Pune at home, with the family. That too is a rarity for me. Ma also went over to my brother's place in Hyderabad. She also had a nice time.
My new Organization turned out to be very different from what I had seen of companies till then. The pace is hectic and so are the dynamic people in it. Work became a pleasure, a passion to excel, curiosity for the better and striving for productivity. I loved this. Mumbai was kind. I took up residence in a PG dig in Bandra and started life anew.
By April, I had been assigned Bangalore as my area of purview. The project was very promising. After having been in Marketing and Operations through the most part of life, switching to Projects and Retail Leasing was the trickiest. But, I have been managing fruitfully till now. There are two projects under development in Bangalore. Things are underway and we are making daily progress towards a mid 2010 launch!
Personally, I got to know a lot of new people. PFC became a serious hobby. I am looking at this getting to be a serious business entity in the oncoming future.
I acquired a lot of new friends on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It helps!
My classmates from the olden times have also become accessible. Its been good on the whole.
So here's to an equally or more happening 2009!!

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shree said...

wishing you a great luck, Sir!!!