Monday, February 28, 2011

Of Budgets, Ties and Oscar mirth!

Need to find some relief. Too many messages from all around. I am a bit mixed up and my thoughts are coming out like:
 Pranabda takes a moral high ground on expenditure because of all the bat changes that Sachin, Gautam, Yusuf and some others have been doing. So, Pranabda has said that corruption needs a deeper probe. Why does Yusuf want to change his bat in 10 balls, I wonder? Because, Melissa Leoh has blurted out ‘f@##$%#g’ during her “Thank You” speech during the Oscars, someone hoots! Blur!!
 We shall Tax exemption upto Rs. 180000. Only? I have to dole out so much. I moan. Dhoni doesn’t. Why would he? He is neither happy nor sad. Or both. I dunno. All I know is that his conveyance is free, his petrol comes courtesy BCCI, mine doesn’t. And then he does not have a good midwicket for half a game. Franco does, look how he was walking on stage!
 Infra has got a lot of government attention. L&T stocks up. Kumble envisaged it and as an advertorial prepared that awesome 22 yards. Kenya can hit up 250 odd there now, but its got to be against India, with Chawla hogging one end to prove his acting skills as a leg spinner! Kumble also has come to know before about Pranab babu’s push to Education. His academy shall have Chawla as Sr. Lecturer.
So on and so forth!
Phew, need some sleep!!


Anonymous said...

bolle bolle ?! LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

u speaking balle balle is like ...a punjabi kudi saying isshhh