Sunday, September 18, 2005

'chocolate' Huh!!

I saw a movie named 'Chocolate' yesterday. It had a curious blend of Hitchcockian suspense (highly inspired), John Woo action and typical Hindi filmi dialogues. Already, guys must be thinking as to what this pot pourri could mean!!
That is the whole problem....the movie was all up in knots till the intermission. It did itself a lot of justice by the end. The concept was fine but the scrpting was loose. So, the movie dragged a bit and I, for one, was tired of all the boobs and legs by the end of the movie.
Performances were uniform and no surprises here. I thought Anil Kapoor and Irrfan did a competent job.
But the girls continue to disappoint. I am yet to see a breakthrough performance this year, except Shweta Prasad's performance in Iqbal.
But 'wow' the 'sex' word was quite ....EXPLICIT.

umm....Indian movies coming of age (18)!!??

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