Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Novel Effort

I am now on my my umpteenth try at writing my first big novel. The way I have been going about it has not been very funny. I know that this stop - start method would take me nowhere but yet, as I keep telling my dear friends, I shall over come - my sloth, inertia and all the blistering mind barnacles, to actually put fingers to keyboard!!!
But why do we always take snippets of our own life and pass them off as highlights of the novel. Also, is that why most of the first novels are the ones that come out best and the following ones are usually less than best!
I have decided that I shall take snippets from my own adventures but make novels, not over a lifespan but on 'phases' that have been quite interesting.
Some may say that "kya yaar..apna..dukh dard baant raha hai kya" but no...i assure that it shall be quite interestin...even thrilling in some goddamn parts...
Ok Ok...I shall not trumpet out for some highlights here!

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Ipsita...Daydreamer said...

looking forward to read it :) I'm sure it will be great! good luck