Wednesday, February 14, 2007

People I Emulate

I would like to take the opportunity of this Valentine’s Day to thank a few people who have been instrumental in my growth as a person in this lifetime.

My Dad – He has been the cornerstone of my development as a person. He taught me honesty, loyalty, the power of knowledge, the positive attitude, the ability to laugh, reading, writing, music, cinema, theatre, focus, method and above all love and affection for other people. He was a people man!!

My Mother – She has been my vigil teaching me tidiness, the eye for detail, value of time, the need to study hard, healthy living and all above – the ability to keep working towards a goal. She has great resolutions in life that is tough to emulate!

My Brother, Shuddhasheel – He is 6 years younger and went through the first part of life doing what he did best, being the good younger brother. But then he transformed and how!! Today, he is a Corporate Trainer and a very good one at that. He has taught me a lot. The Power of Self, Determination, Clear-headed focus, Follow through in a work process, diligence, innovative thinking and team building. He taught me the essence of acceptance.

Vijay Dewan, presently MD of The Park Group – He does not remember me. I do not expect him to. The last time he saw was in 1994. But he has left an indelible stamp on my growth as a person. He taught me the beauty of Systems, Procedures and Continuous Development at work. He was far ahead of his times in thought processes. He taught me, indirectly – as I did not dare ever sit down with him, I was a measly Supervisor when he was a VP, the value of class, design, value to customer, posture management, eye for detail, work competence and zeal or passion for excellence. That sure was incredible!!

My Father – in – law – I learnt the art of simplicity, humility and honesty from this remarkably down to earth person who rose up the ladder in Tea Industry only through uncomplicated hard work. I have not seen another person like him!

Jeffrey Shabong – If a combo of knowledge, quest for excellence, hard work, smart work and curiosity can carry a person far…here was one example and I just had to emulate this person. It also helped that he has been my brother – in – law for sometime now.

Sujith Gopinath – An unassuming guy with tons of aptitude towards planning. Whew! I sure learned the goodness of planning from this colleague of mine. Absolute method to counter all madness and emerge victorious!!

Rakesh Upadhyay – A master in the Culinary world and my room mate in college, I still try to keep up to his simple adage in life, ‘Be the best in what you do’. He has lived unto it. He has been a hard act to follow.

Vijay Thombre – A creative thinker who provoked me to new levels of creativity in my profession. People like him have the ability to ignite the minds around them and that has occurred with me too. It is a pity I cannot work with him continuously.

Kiran, My Spouse – Last and arguably the one who has influenced my life most. She has a host of qualities I have emulated – Listening ability, clear and concise thought process, uncluttered mind and unfettered decision-making, thoughtful spending, budgeting, target orientation, target achievement (you should just ask her company), logic usage (in all situations), tidiness, eye for taste, planning, practicality, emotional leadership (she gets her teams to do anything…and I mean anything!!), friendliness and above all the capacity to be unruffled. Oh! I have conquered my temper just watching and emulating her!!

These people are men and women that I have lived and worked with. I shall quote the Kotlers, Welches, Dr. inghs, Gandhis of the world to cover myself in adjusted glory.


Suzy said...

This article is very nice. I admire how you described in details how it is and why you emulate certain qualities these different people have in them. I also liked how you grasped a little bit of everyone and was able to take it with you for use in later on life.


Maggie said...

People should read this.

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