Thursday, June 07, 2007


I was reading the news of how Dav Whatmore was shunted out of the Coach selection because he was too 'keen' on the role. I do not get this. Anybody who wants to do well in life would be too 'keen' for the job. A certain Mr. Gavaskar always was during his playing days and kicked up a huge fuss everytime he was ignored during team meetings. I remember him roundly criticizing everyone in his columns those days.
Anyway, I have huge suspicions about Gavaskar these days. He has an agenda. That is clear. He also has an axe to grind with many an ex - cricketer. He is in the centre of every unsavory controversy surrounding Indian Cricket over the years. We still don't know where unaccounted bucks were in his locker in Bombay Gymkhana. There is a certain smell with him that is unpalatable. Just as it is with Amitabh Bachchan.
AB, I remember, was pretty mean during an ICICI conference in Bombay years back wanting his appearance money before showing up in front of the delegates, and when ICICI could not provide the bucks as he was already the Brand Ambassador, he headed home.
Now, on a bigger stage, he and his money friends have forgotten their manners, modesty and civility sharpening their personal axes to grind.
AB, in his defence, always says that the industry did not come to his aid when he was down and out in the 90s after the debacle of ABCL. But I ask, does anybody ever come to anybody's aid without reason.
AB had treated the industry people shabbily during his heydays and had to face the repurcussions. It is again happening with the shaadi tamasha that he has gone and done. No other lead actor wants to work with him or his family.
RGV worked with him and now has a situation where no other actor is signing up with RGV.
Superstars with sell by dates have this problem! Remember Kaka!!!!!!

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