Sunday, June 17, 2007

Trip to Goa!!!

The family and I went on a short trip to Goa. We drove down with a colleague and his family from Pune. The drive in itself was quite interesting with some beautiful scenes to take in on the way. Also, we had the first taste of monsoon as we drove, a sight in itself.
We checked into Ramada. The Hotel was a disppointment for me, as the food and some services were insipid to say the least. But, in a trip of two days one could overlook such trivialities as there was a lot to catch up with.
We met Arvind, now in Ramada, then in CDG (95 - 00), and doing well for himself. Also met Sujeet Kumar at Marriott. He was a nice meet up. Narsimh Mallya was also there and it was a nice thing to meet him too.
We then went to CDG too and enjoyed it, even though we came to know that all the oldies are missing. Only, Rajesh and Manjula were the ones surviving!!
I came to know many sad things about our seniors in the Hospitality business there. Many had turned corrupt. Some had had messy divorces and some others were plainly not doing well.
Well, not everything is rosy in life!
We came back the day before. I still have the vision of the beautiful Goa that I visited this time, all decked up for the international visitors. Wish all the other states also feel the same things about their towns.

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BNS said...

HI Indi,
This is Sridhar, I guess you never thought you will hear from me did you.Yes I was your neighbour and your senior at KVA . Drop me a line and we can catch up. Your Holiday note takes be back in time I spent in GOA at NIO during my Masters. Mail me on