Friday, December 28, 2007

Mirror..Her (A short)

The key turned. I twisted the door knob. The door opened. I was in. It was dark. Sombre, sad and eerie. She wasn't around. Her smell was. Saucy, pervading and animal!

Could I turn back? Into my private hell. I didn't think so. Ah, that sole ribbon. A strand of want. Of wanton and sex. I felt her skin. On the wall now. I felt her guile. Lips, tongue and more!

The mirror saw me. Caught my furtive glances. This was that bed. She, me and sweat. My heart thudded now. Fright, lust, broken vows. There, her the mirror?

I sat down. Mussed my hair. Just like her. Her dark eyes. Lit up the dark. The mirror looked. At me and my hopelessness. No longer there, she tormented me, like never before!

Cursed myself, for that night, when I let her go, to heaven. From that balcony there. A push, 32 years ago!!

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