Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Opportunities in the Entertainment Industry!

Maya Sharma is wondering what she would want to do with her family this Sunday. She brings out her notepad and jots down her home and family needs. She needs to buy some groceries this weekend. Her husband is a music freak and has been clamoring to go to the nearest Music outlet. The children wanted to go bowling in the nearest Entertainment mall. There is a fabulous movie of Shahrukh Khan that has come on screen last week and Maya has not been able to catch up with it even now. Also, Maya feels that the children may need a wardrobe change for the winter.

Maya Sharma is upwardly mobile Indian woman. Her values are intact but yet she wants the best for her family. She looks for contemporary entertainment that would bring happiness to herself and her family. So, the country is seeing a fabulous boom in all forms of entertainment that we can think of. Movies, Multiplexes, Retail Malls, Entertainment zones, Amusement Parks, Theme Restaurants, Spas and Sport Complexes – all doing good business and tapping communities and audiences of all kinds. Add to these the Media vehicles of all kinds – TV, Radio, Internet and Ground or Live Events; we have a mix of entertainment that is huge in size and content.

This vast world of Entertainment has to be managed, operated and processed like any other business on earth. So, all these companies are tripping over each other in trying to keep talent with them. Talent comes in all shapes and sizes. To understand the Industry requirements, we shall have to understand the kinds of Entertainment we are dealing with now. Principally, Entertainment is divided into two sectors: Ground and Broadcast

Ground Initiatives : Multiplexes, Malls, Amusement Parks, Spas, Galleries, Museums, Aquariums, Wildlife Parks, Safari Parks, Botanical Gardens, Theme Parks, Film Cities and Sport Centers

Broadcast Initiatives: TV, Radio, Web, IPTV, Mobile and Movies

As time passes, both these mediums shall converge and each medium shall progressively participate in the profits of the other through sharing agreements and co – branding methods that are now prevalent in the West. This is to enable maximum monetization of the content produced.

The industry is looking for talent of all shapes and sizes to move this huge juggernaut towards glory. Some of the major requirements are:

Operations – All Ground Initiatives require People with Business Administration, Business Operations, Hospitality, Facility Management, Engineering, Health and Fitness, Creative Arts, Retail, Merchandising and Sport Administration talents.

Marketing – People with Marketing, Advertising, Publicity, PR, Promotion, Media Planning, Execution and Creative skills are required to market these Ground and Concept Initiatives into successes.

Projects – Architects, Landscape Designers, artists, Botanists, Construction Engineers, Theme Architects, Conceptualizers, Visualisers and workers of all kinds are required to build all these marvels on ground.

Finance – All kinds of Finance Professionals are needed to run these businesses effectively.

Events – All Initiatives have an Event section that makes the place happen and rock! They need producers, Production teams, Planning teams and Managers that can make these Events highly successful.

TV, Radio and Movies – They need Producers, Directors, Actors, Technical Crews, Writers and Marketing people of all kinds.

Internet and Mobile – Designers, Producers, Technical people, writers of content, Managers and Marketing people of all kinds.

All these put together makes for very interesting combination of people and services. Yes, that is what it is, a very Interesting and Creative field of work and growth – The Entertainment Industry!

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