Thursday, October 03, 2013

Look Ma, I made them happen!

I cannot gloat about myself. I shouldn't too.

But yesterday, had taken the family to Phoenix Marketcity Bangalore for a movie at the PVR. It was also a national holiday. The mall was choc a bloc full and people were all over the place: buying, eating, climbing, falling, parking, running and in one case even crying!

The staff at various stores were struggling to keep pace with queries and orders. The managers looked harassed. The customers engaged, enraged or whatever. Even some toy trains were busy keeping up with holiday crowds.

I was a part of the initial group that made these phenomenal set of Marketcity Malls happen all over the nation, specially Bangalore and Pune. I feel a small cheap thrill when I see the success. I walk the spaces, I touch the railings, I look at the merchandise and I believe, even if it is for a fleeting moment, that this is my achievement. Oh no, the illusion goes away. There are many other better claimants probably. But....

Similarly, when I am in Inorbit Whitefield, I feel proud of what has been achieved. It will take another year or two to be really successful but I see the gleaming mall and see the general happiness of people when they shop in there. 

Now, I am onto my third one in Bangalore. Just beside Phoenix Marketcity. People ask me as to how could it be successful beside such a big success. Oh well, it will. I have no illusions about that!!

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Gauri Kulkarni said...

Great that you have started a blog :) Happy that you are achieving great heights...wish you the best always :)